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Night before the Hysterectomy

on June 9, 2014

Tonight is the night before my BSO.  I am to have everything removed tomorrow.  I have been having periods every 2 weeks for over a year now and have had enough.  I had actually asked for this operation when I was in my 20s and realised that periods aren’t much fun.  I suffered from Hyperprolactinaemia and PCOS.  This means my periods appeared as and when they felt like it, and when they did arrive, I was violently sick and in bed in agony.  It also meant I had fertility issues.  My GP convinced the 20 year old me that I’d regret that choice!

As my prolactin levels kept rising year by year, my periods eventually disappeared completely.  I won’t lie, it was wonderful.

Then in my 40s something started happening.  Not only did my periods return, but they became regular, something I’d never experienced before.  I’m not sure how women cope with this every 28 day thing, it really messes up your life.  My periods then became every 26 days, then 23 days, then 20 days, until they finally decided to catch up on all those wonderful missed years and now come roughly every 2 weeks.  Despite being in my 40s, along with my periods comes PMS, something I thought I’d got rid of in my 20s.  It’s amazing how many people can annoy you so easily when you have permanent PMS.  I knew something was wrong, it’s not normal to want to cause physical harm to so many people each day.  My GP put me on Prozac as part of a study they are doing into PMMD.  Three weeks later, I was a totally different person.  The strange part was seeing what would have tipped me to breaking point only a few weeks before and being able to just walk away from that situation.

Although the Prozac controlled the PMMD, the periods were lasting longer, so the break in between the periods was getting shorter and shorter, which resulted in anaemia.  I was referred to a Gynecologist and the cysts on my ovaries have remained, they come and go, varying in size and location over the years, but even in my late 40s they are still there.  A series of tests were run and after previously trying the Mirena Coil, it was decided that a full hysterectomy is in my best interest.

I am happy with this decision. In fact, the surgeon was surprised at how ready I was to accept this.  I didn’t like to tell him that I had actually been psychologically ready for this since I was about 15!   I managed to have one of my children naturally, although they aren’t sure how.  My other child was fertility treatment.  This involved messing around with my ovaries either with medication to try and stimulate release or with an invasive procedure via key hole surgery, so I’m also ready to have those removed and have another potential female cancer to worry about.

So here I am.  I’m 47 years old and tomorrow I will be in hospital and then find out what my menopause will be like.    Watch this space ………


One response to “Night before the Hysterectomy

  1. Nikki Boyes says:

    I wish you all the luck in the world and I will be thinking of you tomorrow. lots of love Nikki xxxxxxx

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