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Natural Menopause – Week 1

on June 20, 2014

My operation was now 10 days ago.  The one thing I cannot find is how long after a total BSO hysterectomy, the menopause starts.  I’ve read anywhere between immediately and 3 months?!   I’m not sure my body had enough stores of oestrogen for me to last 3 months, so quite honestly I have no idea what to feel when.

When I was in hospital, I was put in the Kingfisher Ward of St Peter’s.  It is a new area of the hospital and was facing towards the west.  I was right by the beautiful massive windows, which would have been stunning if it weren’t the “Hottest Day of the Year So Far!” for 2 of the days, and the fact that there is no air conditioning at all in that place.  When you have a temperature to add to all this, what you feel becomes very confusing.  Yes, I had hot flushes.  I would go through periods where I felt my entire body had just lit up from the inside and I would self-combust.  There was nothing at all I could do during these periods to get comfortable and they were horrible.  I did think at that point that maybe taking the oestrogen wouldn’t be such a bad idea, until my family came to visit that night.  They hadn’t even been visiting for 30 mins when they were all moaning about the head and sweating buckets.  Pete bought me in a fan the next day.

The next day was similar, my temperature was still spiking and these immense hot flushes during the heatwave were horrible, although the fan did help a lot.   That night there was the most beautiful storm.  All the windows and curtains had been left open due to the excessive heat of the day before.  You could feel the storm breaking the humidity of the day before.

I had taken the oestrogen tablet for the last 2 days I was in hospital and my first 2 days home. I stopped taking it 2 days ago.

I’ve been sleeping downstairs at home, as we live in a townhouse and my bed is on the 2nd floor, I have been struggling with stairs, but also needing a variety of pillows to prop up various wobbly parts of my tummy to get me in a position where I’m comfortable enough to sleep.  We have had nice weather, but no heat wave.  I’ve had a couple of incidents where I feel a wave of heat over me for a while, but they’ve generally been during the warmest part of the day, and in all honesty, few and far between.

At night I’ve woken up sweating, but I been under my daughter’s thick duvet and a pile of pillows all around me propping me up.  The sweating didn’t wake me up, I noticed it after I had woken up.

I finally started sleeping better 2 nights ago, so am moving back to my bed and getting things as normal as possible now.

My menopause story so far is that I don’t even know what the menopause is yet!  I don’t know when it will start, I don’t know what to expect.  I am still taking the prozac though, which I read about as being useful for controlling the hot flushes.  I am taking Sage and Red Clover.

I’m 10 days in, and with no definitive answer as to when a medically induced menopause starts following a total hysterectomy, it seems my menopause story is yet to start!



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