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Obs & Gynae do not like “Natural” Menopause

on June 20, 2014

Following both operations I was moved to a different ward with different nursing staff.  It was just a higher dependency unit, closer to certain equipment/nursing staff for monitoring.   I was put on so many different types of medication that I was lost with what I was taking.  I seemed to be taking a tablet, to counteract the number of tablets I was taking.    I was on 2 types of antibiotics, paracetamol because my temperature was still spiking, Tramadol for pain along with Ora-Morph to the high end of the pain.  A lot of these were initially IV given, which made life less confusing.

Friday morning tablets were given out and they went to my locked cabinet, where my own personal medication was kept.  In there was a packed of Climaval – HRT!!!!  It’s Oestrogen only, but they had put me on HRT.  The nurse went to get it for me and I said I didn’t want it.  They said that they would let the Doctors know, as it had been prescribed to me for a reason.

The next day two different doctors came to see me, one of them was Victoria, the Registrar.  They both gave the same lecture.  You are in a surgical induced menopause. Both of your ovaries have been removed and this means that your body is no longer producing oestrogen.  This production stops immediately, and the concern we have is for your calcium levels.  Oestrogen production helps prevent women from getting osteoporosis later on in life.  This is the advantage of HRT in the under 50s. I fully understand that and I do believe that if I was around 42-46, I would have taken it, but I’m 48 in August. I have 2 years before I hit that 50 marker.

At the same time all this started, they had raised a potential other issue, the cause of my internal bleeding. There was no direct cause and it was looking like I may be one of the population that has an inherited condition where my blood doesn’t clot properly.  I was asked to just take the oestrogen until my body started to settle down, as so much was going on.

I took it for 4 days.  One tablet a day.

Today is Friday 20th June – I have been off these again now for 2 days……………  So here now starts my natural menopause story ………………….


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