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The 47 Year Old Anesthetist

on June 20, 2014

Whilst I was in recovery following the second operation, it was the early hours of Friday morning and the theatre was quiet.  Considering a second operation in 2 days, I was incredibly awake and lively.  I suppose the staff in there weren’t quite used to that, and felt the need to keep me company.

The lovely anesthetist was stood talking to me for a while, she then picked up some paper near by and started fanning herself with it.  I just laughed and she said “sorry, I’ve reached That Age”.  I said that I was about to join her, seeing as I was going to have a surgically induced menopause.  She did say about it being a shame for someone so young, and was surprised when I said I was 47.  She said she was 47 too.  I asked if she was going to take HRT for it, and she said no.  She said that you have to go through it at some point, all HRT does is delay that day, so why not go through it now rather than later?  I think I was a bit surprised because of her medical knowledge and profession.  It was really nice though to talk to someone with the same idea I had.  I asked her what the hot flushes were like.  She said that she had a few a day, and they just came out of nowhere and hit her quite hard, but there weren’t that many at the moment, and she hadn’t yet suffered from any night-sweats, so she was taking each day as it came.  Neither of us could guess how a natural menopause and a surgically induced one would differ, she did say that in a way she was glad she was going through it naturally and being broken in gently!

I asked if she was taking anything to help and at the moment she was just using fans to cool down her hot flushes, as it was early days.


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