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Well that didn’t go according to plan!

on June 20, 2014

A late update here, seeing as my hysterectomy was over about 10 days ago.  It seems that my simple operation didn’t quite go according to plan.

Complications started after the standard operation, and I have to give the NHS credit – there wasn’t a single nurse or doctor in St Peter’s Hospital that would let it drop.  Even when I truly felt better after a few blood transfusions, they still continued with all the tests.

It is possible I am on out of every 100 people that suffer from a clotting disorder – no big deal, but when not known about, it causes internal bleeding.  Around 1600ml was collected from my abdomen during a second emergency operation, and I was given 4 units of transfused blood, and then left on various drains for a couple of days to make sure nothing else collected there.  Immediately after that second surgery, I felt so much better and have continued to get better each day since.

As a lot has happened, I will put the updates of this blog into new Posts to make them easier to follow later on.


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