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Oh to be comfortable

on June 21, 2014

The pain from the operation is now more of an annoyance. I’ve been off painkillers for a while and just refused to even take the really strong ones after leaving hospital.

Maybe if I did take them, I’d finally get comfortable. I just don’t like taking things like that long term and I’m on so many different tablets as it is right now anyway.

I just can’t seem to get comfy for any period of time. Sitting, standing, walking, all seem to have around a 10 minute limit. Sleeping is the worst. The bruising in my stomach from 2 operations is horrendous. Any slight pressure seems to make it worse. I would love to go to bed and just sleep. I get broken sleep, generally with pain or discomfort waking me up every couple of hours. It has meant I can properly space out my antibiotics every 8 hours though.

Today the Stir Crazy has started to escalate too. I am so bored! I did manage to walk for around 30 mins today though. It was a slow walk with my girls, but it was out and the start of exercise. Now back at home and feeling useless though. If I want to recover fully, then I have to follow the 6 week plan. It’s going to be a long 6 weeks! The highlight of my day was with an Indian Cold Caller. 5 weeks to go …….


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