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HRT Guilt and Self Help

on June 22, 2014

I think I have been lucky so far.  I’m now on Day 12 and I have experienced no mood swings, no flushes, no temper tantrums, no ups and down, no bursting into tears.  I’m physically damaged, very badly bruised and uncomfortable, but that’s it so far.

I did read that your body can store oestrogen in the fat.  I guess I’m never going through the menopause then, as my fat stores probably hold enough oestrogen for a few generations!

The only thing that is now niggling at me, is the HRT guilt.  Despite my conversations with medical people that have chosen not to take HRT (the Anesthetist from the second operation), and the knowledge that it’s not forever, I am beginning to wonder why so many people push HRT so hard.  I found an article today that says about HRT and using it when you have your ovaries removed, as they believe that the ovaries are responsible for more than HRT, and may be linked to Adrenal issues.  Here is the link I found:  http://www.hystersisters.com/vb2/article_97235.htm#.U6a0GvldVWo

My hair is thin enough without me losing any more of it.  I just keep arguing with myself over this – have I made the right choice?  At the moment the lack of any symptoms is helping in a way.  My body hasn’t yet adjusted to the removal of all my organs controlling my hormones.  On the other hand, those friends of mine that did go onto HRT are now in their 50s, and they are fighting tooth and nail not to be taken off, because they can’t stand the symptoms of the menopause.  Maybe facing it will I’m safely locked away inside a house, with no access to a car, is the best option!

A rash appeared all over my tummy and top of my legs yesterday.  Today it has got worse.  It’s small and itchy spots, but they are now beginning to clump together.  I’m still on antibiotics and other medication until the end of today.  That’s nearly 2 weeks of antibiotics in one form or another.  I think maybe my body has just had enough and wants me off everything.  I’ve taken antihistamines to stop the itching, but they aren’t really touching it.  There is no swelling, so I’m not at all concerned about the rash – it’s just another annoyance right now.

Google has been my main source of help, but I noticed that every time what I’m looking for comes from the same site – http://www.hystersisters.com/   This site is a complete store of information with help, support, products you can buy to get through and probably the most balanced information I’ve seen yet on HRT or Not HRT.  It even has an iPhone App, so that got downloaded today.

So today’s outlook is more boredom, itching rash, bad brusing, uncomfortable afternoon/evening where there is NO position that brings relief, and my latest favourite – the Swelly Belly (latin name – Swellicus Bellicus), oh yes, I have this and it’s the main cause of my evening/night discomfort and the reason I cannot wear normal clothes and am loving whoever invented elastic right now!




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