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Post Op Recovery Boredom

on June 24, 2014

My first operation was 2 weeks ago today.  Looking back I knew something was wrong almost immediately as I really struggled with everything after that operation.  Since the second operation though to clear the internal bleeding, I’ve felt better and better as each day has passed.  The pain is now a discomfort, my stomach muscles are getting better every day.  Changing position is still a challenge, but a lot easier than it was even a week ago.

Six weeks is a long time to do nothing.  They are very strict about this 6 week timeline because your body is healing both inside and out, and any abnormal stretching or pulling can cause a tear internally, which can then lead to adhesions and problems healing properly internally, which then later causes pain and a further operation to resolve that.  I’ve had two operations already, I don’t want any more, so I am trying so hard to be good for the next 4 and a bit weeks.

This is leading to boredom.  I’m in the house a lot on my own and my attention span is pretty limited for me.  TV seems to be the best way to pass the time, as I don’t have to concentrate.  Friends has been my saving grace with this one.  I have around a 10-15 min attention span on reading or sat at the computer.  Being sat at the computer poses other problems, sitting is not a comfortable position for me to be in for any length of time yet.

I work 12 hour shifts, and after a bad day I just want to come home and not even have to bother talking to anyone.  I just want to calm down and file everything away inside my head.  Now I’m sat at home all day long, mainly by myself, so when Pete comes home in the evening, it’s unfair to expect him to have to entertain me and talk to me. He’s is going through a really rough time of it right now at work, and he needs to switch off.  Moreso now because he is having to deal with everything on his own, as I can’t help out.  I may be partly due to post operation blues and feeling a bit down now, but it’s just so boring and lonely!

I feel the need to start a charity for all post-hysterectomy women.  We should recover in a 5* holiday resort in the Maldives or Hawaii.  As soon as the staples are removed, we are clear to swim, bathe, we could be waited on hand and foot by allocated Butlers, we wouldn’t feel guilty about having to watch people do what we usually do, because there will be nothing for us to do!  Food will be prepared by chefs, no clearing up to watch.  The biggest bonus is that we would all fully understand what the others are going through and be there to help and support during all the bad bits and, we could gain hope from those that are ahead of us in our recovery, by seeing that in a week or two, that’s what we’ll be able to do.  More importantly, we’d have company all day long if we wanted it.    I just need to find a multi-billionaire to back my new plans!

Apart from the severe boredom, the only other strange thing that appears to be happening is an inability to adapt to changes in body temperature.  I’m not having hot flushes, or anything resembling them yet, but when the weather is hot, as it is today, I seem to struggle more to maintain my temperature.  Doing even the smallest of things makes me sweaty and clammy and irritable.  It was the same in hospital when I was stuck in bed by the window during the heatwave that transformed the ward into a sauna.  I have all the doors and windows flung open today, and the fresh air is nice and feels good.

Well I guess I better get on with my day – oh let’s see, watch Friends, drink water, talk to the cat, have a shower, try reading a book again.  I will only start to worry about my days when the cat talks back to me!


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