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Post Op Blues

on June 25, 2014

My emotions seem to be a roller coaster ride at the moment.  I have good moments and bad moments. These seem to be getting more and more frequent though.  I assume is part of the boredom of being stuck at home alone most of the time.   I do basic things, like make a salad, make a sandwich, put stuff in the dishwasher.  My brain is still not up to doing anything as complicated as reading though.

Today isn’t helped by the fact that I feel so sick.  I’m trying to eat something to see if that helps, but I feel so ill and don’t want to be, as anything with that scar is unpleasant!

Despite being bored and lonely, I then find it hard work if people are around.  You feel you have to be lively and chatty and do things, when after about 15 mins of anything, my body seems to just want to crash out and disappear in its own world.

The only real menopause symptom I have is dryness.  Everywhere, my skin is getting dry, I have feminine dryness which is driving me nuts.  I have ordered Starflower and Evening Primrose Oil to start taking, hopefully that will at least help with the skin dryness.  If I’m honest with myself, I guess I’m getting moody too!  At the moment I can see when I do it. My attention span and my concentration levels are minimal, and I am finding myself struggling.  Hopefully the Prozac will help me remain level with the mood swings, as it worked treats for my PMDD.


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