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Prozac The Wonder Drug

on June 26, 2014

I’m guessing the symptoms are finally starting. Either that or I’m just bored beyond belief. My skin all over has dried up and is so itchy. As for my mood, well I’m pretty sure if you said “hello” to me today, I’d burst into tears. I’m struggling so much with not wanting just to scream and scream and scream at the top of my voice. The house is full and I want quiet. The noise is irritating me.

I suffered from Post Natal Depression after both of my children were born. The first was the worst one for me, but that was partly due to stupidity and embarrassment on my side. When I was diagnosed, my Mother-In-Law at the time said that she didn’t know I was predisposed to psychiatric issues. I let it get to me. I hid what I was going through, and I quickly came off the medication I was on. All this did was delay my recovery. I suffered months of hell because I was so worried what everyone else would think. I was a failure. I was predisposed to this.

By the time I had my second child, I was emotionally stronger. I didn’t care who knew. It had nothing to do with how good a mother I was, and I wasn’t predisposed to anything. I was put on Prozac, I stayed in Prozac and the difference was immense. That was 15 years ago and I’ve seen a huge difference over those years as to how any type of depression is viewed by others.

Around 7 years ago, my periods changed in nature. For me that meant I had them. With that came PMS. Over a period of years the periods got more and more intense, and closer together and the PMS made me impossible. Pete started getting people out of the house. Just breathing in my presence was enough to set me off. I was happiest when no one was around, as it meant no one to cook for or clean up after. I have no idea what made me look in the mirror one day and see what I had become. I needed help!

I made a Doctor’s Appointment. My periods were out of control, but so was I. I actually told the GP that I really want to kill anyone that annoyed me. I was lucky he laughed and didn’t take me too seriously. About 3 week’s prior to my appointment, he had been at a Gynaecological Seminar where PMS and the more severe form PMDD were responding to Fluxotene (Prozac).


After 2 weeks the results were nothing short of a miracle. I had my life back. By this time my periods were every two weeks and my PMDD was continual. I began to see the small stupid things that would have set me off, and I could cope fine.

I stayed on the Prozac and as my periods worsened and a hysterectomy was the only option now, I looked at Prozac for a different reason. During my Mother’s menopause, she was an unbearable, bad tempered woman. I thought I was bad with PMDD, but she made me look like Snow White. This all changed when she was put on HRT. She changed drastically. As I’m avoiding HRT, I had wondered if Prozac would keep me level throughout any mood swings I had.

I started researching this and was amazed to find that Prozac is used during the menopause. Not for mood swings though, it seems to have an impact on the hot flushes. Although not licenced in the UK for use with the menopause, it is prescribed.


I was already on this before my surgery, and have stayed on it. I am now 16 days post operation, and am yet to experience a hot flush. I don’t want them, but as I’m still taking the Prozac, I guess if I never get one we will never know if it was the Prozac or just me being lucky.

The Prozac is the only prescribed medication I am taking during my surgically induced menopause. Who knew it was such a versatile medication.

Sadly if it is helping with my hot flushes, it’s failing with my mood. The house has gone quiet again. My head is no longer screaming for peace and quiet. I really can’t cope with too many people around right now. I have a big family, this could be a fun weekend!


4 responses to “Prozac The Wonder Drug

  1. So, the prozac really worked for hot flashes? I tried Effexor (it’s my latest post on my blog) and well … while it worked great for hot flashes I got a slew of other symptoms. Currently I’m taking Lo Lo Estrin for my perimenopausal symptoms.

    I wish you good health on your post-hysterectomy journey! 🙂

    • germanginge says:

      A very informative article, with good background details.

    • mhairi1308 says:

      Sorry, I was in Cyprus in holiday. I’m thinking holidays are the best cures for everything. Surprisingly anti depressants do seem to work on hot flashes. I’ve had none at all. I am still about a month from when they can start after surgical procedures. As well as the Prozac, I am also taking sage tablets, calcium, starflower oil, red clover and folic acid. I have no idea if any of those are working or if I’m just lucky so far. I have no symptoms other than a really bad ache everywhere. Everything hurts. I’m now stuck on the lot as I don’t want to risk going through worse. So far I’ve followed my Mum exactly through period problems and even labour. My Mum had the worst time with menopause so I’m trying everything I can.

      Good luck with your symptoms.

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