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My Alternative Choices

on June 27, 2014

Deciding to take HRT or not is a complete minefield of information. I can see the pros for the under 50s, and I’m sure if I had been 42 that my decision would be different.

I have to go through this at some point. HRT is a temporary delay to the menopause, it is not a cure. With the number of women I know that are in their late 50s and now battling to be left on it, I became more determined to avoid it. We have a strong family history of increases cancer risk with HRT, I watched my Mum die of breast cancer so I really do not want to start on that road. My Mum battled to stay on it for 13 years.

I did a lot of reading and there are so many alternatives out there, all with pros, cons and the usual “there is no proof”. Some websites highly recommend one natural alternative, and then a further 10 websites show that particular supplement causes liver failure. The reading for alternatives is as much of a minefield as the reading for HRT.

At the end of the day, it’s up to each of us to make our own choices and decisions. I am choosing not to take HRT for the 2 years left in my 40s. Yes I worry about the increased cancer risk, but I’m more worried about then choosing to remain on it.

I know I am an increased risk of osteoporosis. I drink a lot of milk products and eat a lot of cheese. I had a bone density scan done in my mid 30s which showed I had a high bone density. Despite this, I am taking calcium and magnesium supplements.

For hot flushes, I decided on sage tablets. I have read mainly positive things about this and it’s a one day tablet.

For skin and essential fatty oils, and also hot flushes (although poor results), I am taking high dosages of starflower and evening primrose oil. My skin is very dry and itchy, so I hope some oils help.

I am also taking Promensil red clover supplement. This is a high dosage isoflavone supplement. People in the East tend to not “suffer” through the menopause, and it is believed this is diet related. They have a high soy, bean and legume diet that we don’t have. I have switched to soy milk as a substitute to milk to try and increase my intake.

After further reading yesterday, I will also add folic acid. This should help heart and some dementia symptoms from occurring.

I am now 16 days post op. I do not yet have any real symptoms to talk about. I’m slightly depressed and very irritable and moody, but that could be a mixture of frustration and boredom. My skin is incredibly dry, particularly stomach and thigh area. Apart from that I have not yet had any hot flushes or night sweats.

Most of the alternatives are to be taken for a month before any difference is noted, so I will continue to monitor all this.


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