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Goodbye Anaemia!

on July 2, 2014

Over the last 18 months my periods have been getting worse.  After my whole life not really having them, to suddenly start at 40 is a bit of a shock.  To then have them getting closer and closer together until eventually I was having periods more than I wasn’t, started playing havoc with my system.

I went through test after test and no-one ever found anything wrong with me.  Finally I was sent to a Gynaecologist as things were getting worse and my GP discovered I was now severely anaemic, so something had to be done.

I was put on iron tablets.  Anyone who has been on those, knows the side effects well.  I was on the maximum dosage and it kept by Hb levels up, but that seemed to be all they did.  I was constantly tired, getting out of bed was an effort, doing anything was an effort.  I seemed to just about make it through each day, and then on my days off my body just wasn’t interested in doing anything at all.  I could sleep for England!

I never once doubted that the hysterectomy was the right thing for me to do.  I just wanted rid of the whole lot and nothing was going to make me change my mind or even doubt that.  With complications during the hysterectomy I ended up with 5 units of blood being transfused.  After the second operation to stop the internal bleeding, I felt amazing.  I know that’s a really strange thing to say after a major operation, but I felt better than I had in a long time.  I am now 3 weeks post op and I no longer sleep all the time, I don’t feel exhausted from just walking up the stairs, I don’t struggle and fight to get myself out of bed.  I’m no longer taking the iron tablets, so have no more of the side effects they bring.  I feel normal.  It feels wonderful.  I just wish the bumps, lumps and pain would go so that I can get out there and do something with all this energy I can now feel inside me.

For those who have suffered with bad periods for whatever reason, the prospect of never having to go through that again is the most wonderful feeling in the world!


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