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How long till I stop feeling pain?

on July 8, 2014

I am 4 weeks post op today.  Every movement I make my stomach pulls.  Standing up from lying down is difficult.  I have lumps on either side where the drains were inserted.  When I stand up from sleeping, it feels like a bag of pebbles drops to the bottom of my stomach.  I read an article today called “6 months and still in pain?”.  Seriously??

I struggle to sit for any length of time, yet I’m due back to work in a couple of weeks and I do 12 hour shifts.  I’m due to go on holiday next month, and I cannot lie on my stomach.  Every evening I balloon up with swelly belly.

The pain I had before the surgery was also there constantly.  It was also far worse pain that I have now.  I think I just expected not to be reminded every second of every day that I had an operation 4 weeks ago.  I had expected (very unrealistically) that I would be pretty much back to normal by around week 4.  He did say between 4 and 6 weeks things should be back to normal.

I have my check up appointment next Monday, so will start a list of questions and then see how I am getting on.  Hopefully at least the healing is going to plan and all of this is normal.  I also have to remember I had 2 operations and not one, so should expect things to take longer.


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