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Hot Flashes??

on July 11, 2014

Before my operation I was having continual periods. From time to time though I would get hot from doing very little. Usually when I was cleaning up or doing housework. I didn’t really think much of it as I am over weight and very unfit.

I still get them, but now I’m in my rest phase I can’t do anything. I’m wondering if these are my hot flushes starting. My head starts to get very hot and feels like it’s burning, and then it moves down my body. I don’t sweat with it. It can also be stopped instantly by removing a cardigan or flipping back the duvet. Take off one source of warmth and it stops. I’ve spoken to a friend who has started a natural menopause. She is the same age as me. She describes it the same way, her head burns, but she sweats badly with it. She says she looks like she has run a marathon.

I am taking the sage and anti depressants still. Both are suppose to reduce the intensity of these, so I will carry on monitoring them and see if they get any worse. I hope not because all the women I know who are refusing to come off HRT, are staying on it because this and the night sweats are what they find the most unbearable about the menopause.


2 responses to “Hot Flashes??

  1. I hear you on the hot flashes and night sweats … my perimenopausal symptoms started last year — June 2013 to be exact. I tried Effexor (non-hormone) for a while and although it relieved my symptoms well it gave me many, many, many other weird symptoms. I’ll probably get around to blogging about the Effexor experience at some point.

    Around Jan or Feb of this year I started on Lo-lo Estrin which relieved my symptoms completely in one week. Now after my hyst I’ll be doing the ESTROGel topical. I hope it works as well as the pill hormones do.

    Please forgive me, but I can’t remember, can you or can’t you take hormones? I know some women can’t take hormones after their hyst for a variety of reasons.

    Wishing you well in your recovery! 🙂

    • mhairi1308 says:

      Thank you for this. I’ve noted Lo Lo Estrin. Due to family history and hyperprolactinaemia, which means low oestrogen, I’m not allowed to take it. Something low dose though, or not taken in tablet form may be an alternative so will ask. Funny how it’s the hot flushes that get everyone in the end. I’m at the stage now where if anyone asks, I’ve just been jogging. Yes in my posh clothes and shoes. It’s better than saying I always sweat like a pig and look this bad for no reason.

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