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Now I understand HRT

on July 19, 2014

The menopause is different for everyone. Even sisters will experience massive differences in how it affects them. The two main issues reported by around 80% of women are hot flushes and night sweats.

I figured if I can cope or reduce these, then I can go HRT free. The menopause is a natural thing after all.

From the second my ovaries were removed, I have been unable to control my temperature in a normal way. Initially I was in hospital during a heat wave. No air conditioning and being sat right next to giant windows, which faced the sun most of the day, I was stuck in bed in a pool of sweat all day long, as I had the tubes keeping me in place. I was recorded as having a temperature and on antibiotics and paracetamol to reduce it, so I didn’t really know what was causing this issue.

We have had another heat wave, well a couple, and I get soaking wet doing nothing. I just cannot cool down. Walking up and down stairs is enough for me to feel like I have been thrown in a pool fully dressed. I am lucky in the fact that I haven’t slept through the night for as long as I can remember, so disrupted sleep is normal for me. I can easily be up 4-5 times a night. Last night we had a thunderstorm again so Pete closed the window, and because he can’t stand any noise, he turned off the fan too. I went into a massive panic! In the end he slept downstairs with no playful kitten or fan noise to annoy him, but even with the fan I was constantly covered in sweat.

This morning I got dressed and cleaned out the kittens bowls, this resulted in my skirt, bra and top soaked through. I ended up stripped down and stood in front of the fan for about 30 minutes until it stopped. For me this is a pain in the neck, but if you read symptoms of the menopause, then some women suffer this 4-5 times an hour. Some are lucky to only get this a couple of times a day, but even then sweating through your clothes a couple of times a day is horrendous. I want to shower around 3 times a day now, and mine aren’t hot flushes.

This is more than a slight inconvenience, it affects the whole of your life. It is making me grumpy and irritable, not to mention embarrassed to go out. Sweat patches everywhere are not pretty. I am talking pools of water patches too, there is no way I can hide them. I know that it could be around another 2 months before I know what my menopause will consist of, but I have to hope I’m one of the very few lucky enough to avoid these. Being like this on a hot day is bad enough, but air con and the British weather mean that I can’t get breaks.

I spoke to a friend that couldn’t take HRT due to cancer. She said she didn’t suffer badly from the flushes, but after 5 years they hadn’t even slowed down and they really got to her. She was cleared enough from the cancer to be put on HRT and she just wanted them to stop. She had enough.

The menopause is inevitable. Our average life span now means it’s something we are all going to have to face. For whatever reason, people
in the west have a bad time of it and it severely impacts your life. I still have to work for a living and I work in a male dominated environment. “Women’s problems” are not understood at all. I am a manager and will be stood there with boob sweat stains, and a bright red face dripping with sweat. That should be interesting.

When I started this diary I never fully understood why some women chose to risk their lives with HRT when they have additional complications already. Now I understand. For a natural process, this can be hell on earth and if you are still working and trying to get on with your life then this really doesn’t help and society as a whole is really not helping.

For me, walking down the stairs on a hot day requires a shower and a change of clothes. To have to feel this way a couple of times an hour and all night long is not what I want from a natural process.


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