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Menopausal Symptoms

on August 6, 2014

I am nearly at 2 months since my total hysterectomy and BSO. I am HRT free but taking Prozac for reduced hot flushes and various supplements.

My menopausal symptoms are an inability to control my temperature and a growing reaction to chocolate. Where was that mentioned in the book? Not being able to eat chocolate again would have been a deal breaker!

“Ms Manning, you can either bleed continually for the rest of your natural reproductive life and eat chocolate, or we cure you but chocolate will cause violent headaches.” The chocolate would win every time!

The temperature thing is annoying, but I think it is far preferable than hot flushes and night sweats. I’ve spent my whole life being cold. I’m the one in the cardigan in the middle of a July heatwave. I’m wrapped up on night shifts and then usually have my coat on by the end of the shift too. Now I sweat for no reason. I did some gardening today and my hair was dripping. It was a hot day today and strenuous gardening, but I’ve never been that bad before. I’m wearing short sleeve tops all the time and if I get chilly and put a cardigan on, generally I’m sweating within 5 minutes and it’s off. That is controllable though. Hot flushes and night sweats aren’t.

The chocolate one has taken a while to work out. I have been getting quite violent headaches. They are borderline migraines and nothing touches them. I’ve been working from home this shift cycle as I have to take it easier. I will pick a lot on nights, and at home that is chocolate. That was when I noticed the headaches seem to start when I start on the chocolate. I shouldn’t complain about this as my weight has spiralled out of control this year and I really need to swap the foods I eat for healthy alternatives.

It can take around 3 months for surgical menopause to start, so I’m still a month away. Hopefully this is it for me and I’ll be one of the lucky ones.

My next challenge is a family holiday in Cyprus in August. 40 degree heat. That should test my temperature controlling ability to its fullest. There is a pool and cocktails are served with ice, so I’m still hopeful it will be OK.


One response to “Menopausal Symptoms

  1. germanginge says:

    Your blog is excellent, really educational for us men.

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