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The 3 month mark has passed

on September 29, 2014

It’s been a while since I last wrote. It’s been difficult to work out what has been going on with my surgical menopause as we have been on holiday. Firstly we went to Cyprus where the daily temperature was in the mid to high 30s, so this masked my heat issues of hot flushes.

When we got back from Cyprus they did start again. I don’t think they are hot flushes in the sense most other women know them. If I get hot, for any reason at all, I lose control of my body temperature. I just cannot cool down, which for me is strange as so far I have spent 48 years of my life being cold. It can be caused by slight exercise, housework or even drinking a hot drink. I am over weight too so I suspect that has something to do with it. When it happens I will sweat profusely and unless I rest and cool down completely, it will stay with me. In the grand scheme of all things menopausal, I consider this a slight inconvenience.

We then went away again on a cruise through Northern Europe. Amazingly in September we hit the most gorgeous weather and each days was hot and sunny. This meant that walking around each stop made my hot flushes worse, but I did manage to control them with short rests. I just had to accept that until I had a shower, I was going to be a hot and sweaty mess. The other difference that was noticeable was again the fact that I seem to feel heat when before I would be wrapped up. We had a few days at sea in the sunshine, but it was windy with the ship moving. A lot of people were wrapped up, including my Partner, but I was fine lying there in the sun and cool breeze. I even managed to go in the sea water pool a lot. On some days when I had been walking a lot and was really unbearably hot, the freezing sea water pool was heaven. I usually avoid any unheated pool unless the outside temperature is at least low 30s.

We are now back home and we have no more holidays planned. I still get hot and am sleeping with the window open and a fan on. Apart from that I have no other symptoms. I started taking medication before my hysterectomy so am unable to say if it is the medication helping me, or I am one of the lucky 25% that go through the menopause with ease. I daren’t stop taking the medication yet, I will wait at least until 6 months after the operation to see if anything happens during that time.

For now I am still on Prozac for hot flushes, the only prescribed medication I’m using for this. Herbal medications are sage, folic acid, starflower and evening primrose oil, red clover and a very high dosage of calcium and magnesium. With the exception of 2 tablets given to me in hospital, I am HRT free.

My next step is to diet. I do have other issues, but that is mainly due to me being incredibly unfit and over weight.

I really do hope I am one of the few that bypasses the menopause. Everything I’m doing and that works will he shared with my sister. Both of us want to avoid HRT due to family history with the drug.


4 responses to “The 3 month mark has passed

  1. germanginge says:

    Try Paul McKenna. His slimming track helped me lose 12kg in 12 weeks in 2003, with no cravings. It’s also very relaxing, like having a long soak in the bath. I’ve just listened to his Change Your Life in Seven Days track this afternoon, and phew, it sent me into a good deep sleep. Worth a try. Get onto Amazon right now, girl!

  2. Sorry about the hot flashes … I can relate. I’ve noticed that alcohol bring hot flashes out for me. Sad. It would be great if you are one of the 25% that go through menopause with ease. My mother-in-law was one of those … she also has ZERO stretch marks after two painless natural labors and hardly has a wrinkle on her face. She took one herb occasionally for a short time for her “menopause”. Whatever. Some people have all the luck! šŸ˜‰

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