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Balancing life after hormones

on November 26, 2014

It’s been a while since I last posted. I am now 5 and a half months post operation. My ever decreasing hormone levels are still not warranting me thinking about the HRT road.

The hot flushes, now called my power surges, haven’t changed in nature. They happen throughout the day and night and I can cope with them as they are. I do have to dress differently. By this time of year I would normally be in ski socks, 4 layers of clothing, a cardigan, a coat, hat and scarf. Now I go out in a teeshirt with a cardigan. No coat. Once my power surges start I need to get layers off very quickly. If I’m not quick enough, then the thrown in the swimming pool looks appears quickly. It seems that the more I panic about not being to cool down, the worse they are.

The other symptoms are now increasing. I have thin hair and it’s now getting thinner. I think there is more in my brush than on my head these days.

Now the severe symptom. I hurt everywhere. If I can keep going then I can do what needs to he done, even a day out in London walking around. The whole time though, I know I’m going to pay for it later. A day out will put me in agony for a couple of days. A day at work takes around a day to recover from. The second I stop and rest, that is it. My feet are agony when I stand up. Getting from sitting to standing is hard work. My knees start first, then hips, then lower back. I use mainly my arms to get into any position from resting, even at work. I look like my Gran did in her 80s and she had arthritis. The pain is quite severe.

The menopause sites are full of this. As your oestrogen reduces the body struggles and all over body pain is very common. A couple of women on these sites though have said that they developed a lower back problem, and having that treated has relieved a lot of their symptoms.

I struggle to do most every day tasks these days. I have to force myself to clean, cook and do basic daily tasks. Once I start then I know I’ll be ok, but I also know that when I stop, I’m in for severe pain for the rest of the night. The worst of it is the pain on standing, that can get unbearable.

I will see my chiropractor. I do have back issues in the same lower region these women mention and I lose nothing by trying it. If it is hormone related? Well despite the daily struggle, I still don’t consider this worthy of HRT.

I still need to lose weight too. My poor feet are probably crumbling under the stead of the excess weight I’ve gained in the last year. Maybe with less weight to carry, the pain won’t be quite so severe.

Of course, I could just be getting old!


3 responses to “Balancing life after hormones

  1. germanginge says:

    Five and a half months? Time flies… Looks like recovery is a gradual process. 😦

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