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Hot Flushes in Men

on August 1, 2015

The one thing I always hear about with menopause, either natural or surgical, are the moans about the hot flushes. It seems that these are what tips women over the edge and has them running to find help. 
I recently read a blog on oestrogen addiction and the fact that hot flushes may be due to dependency on hormones, similar to drug withdrawal, which actually made sense to me as my body was never oestrogen dependent due to a medical condition, and if you compare my symptoms to others, I’m definitely in the lucky category. 
This got me thinking about how lucky men are. Until my last night shift. I work in a male dominated environment and I am the only female. I do night shifts and on my last shift I had a 53 year old man working overtime for me. As soon as he sat down he got out a desk fan.  All the guys at work know about my hysterectomy and hot flushes. They have actually been a great help with their understanding and also humour with me initially adjusting to them. 
Knowing this, the guy on overtime was asking how I cope and do I have a fan on every night. He said that he has periods where he just burns up and can’t cool down, he wakes up at night sweating and now needs a fan all night long. Sound familiar?  He asked how baths and showers affect me and I told him that I hate getting out of a shower and having a hot flush as that makes me want another shower. I’ve even had hot flushes in the shower!  These are more convenient as I can wait for them to end and enjoy the benefit of the shower afterwards. 
What he was describing were classic hot flushes. I looked around the office and if I looked at the behaviour of the 50 year old plus men then the story was the same, I just hadn’t noticed. One sits there regularly shouting “is it hot in here?” On a regular basis. How had I missed this?  My Dad did the same when I was in my teens. Our house was constantly too hot, between him and my mother our poor central heating system didn’t stand a chance. 
Men have hormones too but although their hormones seem to be more stable, they do also change around middle age? If I look back at my parents into old age, then they both spent the time moaning they were cold and the heating was on full time. I have been told my my more elderly friends that once my menopause symptoms have passed, my future is one of never being able to warm up again. 
I’m going to find myself now watching the men at work to see if they do have something similar to my hot flushes. That should help pass 12 hour night shifts. 


One response to “Hot Flushes in Men

  1. germanginge says:

    Good question. I haven’t had hot flushes as you describe that I remember, but certain types of white wine do give me hot flushes, whereby I’ve had to get cold water pressed onto towels to presson my face and chest. I think this is due to sulphides. It is a known fact that teenage boys going through puberty do get reflex erections, which arrive from nowhere and last a minute or two. This is due to the testosterone levels going up (I think) 800 times pre-puberty levels. Does that explain the behaviour of any of your teenage relatives?

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