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Menopause and Exercise

on November 8, 2016

Yes I know this should be the top of everyone’s list.  With a full time job, kids, house, shopping, etc, I could write a book on excuses.

One of the most important things you should do each and every day is go for a walk.  It’s low impact, costs nothing, gets you in the sunlight in winter, makes you feel better and helps keep blood pressure down and your heart pumping.  Sounds easy. Please see my forthcoming book for excuses on why I haven’t done this.

I was walking around 7km a day until about 5 months ago.  Everything seemed to hit at the same time when one bad event in my life lead to another and another, then a big event, etc.  Within those 5 months I’ve been diagnosed with Depression and/or Anxiety.  Within those 5 months I’ve gone downhill each and every day.   I’m feeling back in control of my life and I remember how great I felt when I did walk every day, not to mention how much more I could eat.

Pilates/Core Exercises

I was very overweight, lost a lot of it, 5 months ago hit an all time low and have gained 24lb back.  So why Pilates?  I did ask myself the same question as I looked in the room at all these skinny women in various colours of lycra and I was stood there in a pair of old baggy jogging bottoms and an even bigger baggier top.  I did notice the instructor wasn’t paying that much attention to me huffing and puffing trying to get various bits of my body off the floor whilst supporting my weight.

I haven’t used my stomach muscles since my TAH.  Two days after my abdominal hysterectomy, I had further surgery to locate and stop internal bleeding.  My poor stomach muscles.

Tonight I’m going back after missing a week. I suspect the instructor wasn’t at all surprised I didn’t turn up last week as she is all about health, fitness and body and soul.  I’m more your “Oh look KFC, I could kill a Zinger Burger finished off with a bag of Maltesers, then another bag”.  My weight goes up and down and I am back on the Slimming World diet and being good. In the past when I’ve lost weight, I’ve had issues with my stomach so I figure what the hell.  I’ll be the fat person in the sack at the back of the class who inspires all the size zero lycra women to go home and nibble a lettuce leaf instead of hitting the local kebab shop on the way home.

Exercise it is. My goal is to keep going to pilates until I can get myself into the Plank without the use of heavy lifting machine, and to get back to walking between 5km and 10km a day through the whole of winter.




3 responses to “Menopause and Exercise

  1. Exercise does not have to be about hiking and running. A good brisk walk does the world of good. Best anti-depressant ever.

  2. And I have now shared a day 4 of 56 update on my blood sugar diet… Enjoy! 🙂

  3. How did you get on with diet and exercise while on hols? BTW, I’ve written a couple of articles since you’ve been away. And I trust your Celtic skin did not get burnt to a crisp while in sunnier climes. 🙂

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