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The Hot Flush Panic

on November 14, 2016

Just as I think I’ve got the hang of controlling my hot flushes, nature goes and proves me wrong.

It’s winter in the UK and I had my usual layers on.  I went to drive my daughter to a friend’s house and got in the car with my coat on.  I knew at the time I should have taken it off.  I had the seatbelt on when it started.  Nature seems to know just when to deliver the worst type.  Naturally once you start to rush to get something off you, you seem to make it worse.  I couldn’t get the seatbelt off, then I couldn’t get the coat off, then I felt the dreaded sweat dripping and the hot flush takes over everything.

I must have upset mother nature this weekend, as I seemed to have suffered from a few bad ones.  A few times when I had the usual mad rush to get layers off.  It’s always great when you come home after a walk down to the shops, hot, sweaty, coat draped over an arm and someone asks “Have you been out for a run?”  Hmm, a much better reason to arrive home hot and sweaty.  Although if I did go out for a run, I’d be arriving home on a stretcher!

Yesterday I was doing the washing up and had no layers left to take off.  The sweat started gathering in all the usual fatty creases and I ended up laughing as I was looking outside at the cold winter evening, thinking “I could just go and stand outside for 5 mins”.  When I was at work one of the women I talked to about how to cope with the Menopause, before I had my hysterectomy, told me about the time we had snow on the ground and her son and his friend came home to find her outside in the snow, in her bra and knickers.  I did ask her why she didn’t go out the back, why she ran out the front.  She said it was the nearest door and didn’t even think.  Now I fully understand how you can end up in the snow in nothing but bra and knickers.

I do find my hot flushes worse to cope with in winter.  It’s finding the right mix between wearing enough layers to keep you warm at -4, but also enough layers you can get off quickly and carry if needed.   At least I know if I do end up running down a main road in my bra and knickers in the snow, I won’t be the first!


One response to “The Hot Flush Panic

  1. If you do end up outside in the snow in bra and knickers, get a YouTube video uploaded. It’s sure to go viral!

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