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Memory Loss

on November 22, 2016

“Getting lucky at my age means walking into a room and remembering what I came in for”

I will admit to having experienced this before the hysterectomy, but over the past year it has got so bad, there are times I can’t work out how I’m fully functioning.

My memory is so bad, I had forgotten I suffered from memory loss  until a friend of mine, who is peri-menopause, mentioned it.  She is going through blood tests just to prove she is peri-menopausal as her memory is so bad, so they just want to make sure it’s nothing more serious.  It has got to the stage where it is impacting her life, so this made me look at mine and I realised I’ve been describing myself as forgetful or disorganised.

I need a new shower gel for my shower.  Every single day I get in the shower and think “I must get out a new shower gel”, as I use my husbands one.  Every day I get out of the shower and forget.  This has been going on for over a week now.  I have a friend I have been meaning to call for around 2 weeks, I have friends I’ve been meaning to drop a line to just to make sure they are OK.  I forget food, paying bills, what I was supposed to do at work and I now see faces I recognise and I can’t remember their name or where I know them from.  Some of the things I forget to do are quite important.

My life is now all phone reminders and diaries.  I have a diary at work and I list down each day what I need to do and tick it off.  I have also moved this into my personal life.  Thank you modern phones for tick lists and reminders bleeping at you.  The problem is it’s now the little things I forget to do, and some of these are the most important ones.  Work has taken over my life this year, just when I get to the age where I finally realise work just pays the bills and I want a work/life balance with more emphasis on the life side.

My solution now is to keep a pen and paper, or my phone handy for everything and to write it all down.  I even need to write down “Phone Neil” and pop in a reminder, because I will finally remember everything I was supposed to do just as I’m falling asleep.  I may have already written about insomnia.  I can’t remember!  I also can’t remember where I put the note pad I was writing down what I had to do last week.  I should apologise to anyone I haven’t phoned or dropped a text to in the last week, you are probably on my missing list along with toilet paper, milk,  book in the car for an MOT (2 years in a row I’ve missed that one), buy birthday cards and drop a text to everyone whose birthday it has been to apologise for forgetting.  I may just do a bulk apology in January for 2017.  I’ll put that in my phone now!


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