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Where are the Hot Flushes when you need them?

on January 12, 2017

By now you’ve probably noticed the joy (yes I did say joy) of hot flushes is you will never feel cold for long again.  Ha!  They are selfish little things and seem to time themselves to the most inappropriate moment just to upset your day.

I have recently spent 4 days in Disneyland Paris where it was -4 freezing fog.  As you will queue for everything for around 2 hours, including the hot chocolate you want to heat your hands up, you don’t get much break from the cold to fit in everything you want to do.  Not a problem I thought.  My hot flushes will look after me.  At some point during the day they will come, heat me up, get me all flustered as I try to get off one of the 16 layers of clothing I am wearing and I will look forward to cooling down before the next one.  I was there 4 days.  Not a single hot flush.  I became one of those normal people, the type who have to go back to the hotel and stand under a shower or in a warm bath to defrost.

This did get me thinking though, is there a temperature at which hot flushes stop?   I have found multiple articles which say no.  Most of the articles don’t mention being in a cold environment for around 12 hours with no break though, they do mention going in and out of hot/cold environments, which can trigger quite bad hot flushes.  Feeling cold was initially a novel experience for me but it did wear thin after a few hours.

If anyone is planning on a winter visit to Disneyland Paris, I’ve now been told it sits in a valley and has its own climate which is colder than London/Paris.  Regular visitors over Christmas pack thermal underwear.

My next question is do hot flushes get worse in hot environments.  I feel the need to apply for Government backed funding for my research.  I could do with some more winter testing, maybe a beautiful Swiss Ski resort, followed by exotic beach locations of course – all in the name of science.


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