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Treating Menopause Depression Naturally

on February 21, 2017

I am aware of the risks involved in this.

If anyone has read through previous posts of mine, you will know I did all my research before going into Surgical Menopause HRT free and I focussed on the flushes and night sweats as being the things which would have me begging for HRT, and I missed the one symptom which would change my life – depression.

Prior to my hysterectomy I was on Prozac as part of a study into treating PMDD, a severe form of PMS.  After my hysterectomy I wanted off all medication.

My husband says the problems started shortly after my operation and since then I’ve had a continual battle with depression and/or anxiety.  The last time it came with insomnia, which if any one has suffered from, you know how debilitating it can be.  My GP put me on a tablet which helped me sleep, but the problem was trying to get up and go the next day.  It was taking me a few hours to get into the day.  I halved my medication which did help a bit, but following a break away in France at the end of last year, where I forgot to pack the medication, I haven’t gone back on it again.  I really enjoyed waking up and feeling awake and ready to go, rather than feeling drugged and like I was coming out of an anaesthetic.  As part of this treatment I also had 6 sessions of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), which really helped put things into perspective.

I know my symptoms are still there.  The Anxiety symptoms outweigh the Depression ones these days.  If my bad days start outnumbering the good days, I will go back and see my GP.  For now though, I’m trying to change my life following my hysterectomy.

Before the operation I had low blood pressure.  Since the operation I have high blood pressure – I’ve never had high blood pressure in my life.  I am overweight.  I lost a stone, which has stayed off, since giving up shift work.  I still have around 35lb I could do with losing though.  I have gone from shift work (2 days/2 nights), to working an On-Call rota every other week.  I regularly did 70 hour weeks to get extra money for things we have needed.   I am now 1 in 4 On Call and have weekends free, and am strictly 8am – 4pm at work.  I need to start using my free time and do things for myself more.  I get angry having to cook and clean the whole time while everyone else gets to do the fun stuff, which is part of my anxiety issues.

My plan is diet, exercise and now my girls are older, find my life and what I’m going to do for the next however many years.  I’ve been asked for my 5 year plan at work.  I’m 50.  My plan is to work and save up money.  Part of the money is to overpay the mortgage, so I can one day be mortgage free, and the rest is to go on holidays and trips away to see the world and have fun.  I don’t want a stressful work life, I want a work/life balance now with the emphasis on life.

I’ll let you know how long this plan lasts before my GP has to step in again.  The plus side about using Anti-Depressants though is they can weaken the impact of the other symptoms of the menopause on your life.



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