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Menopause and Hair Loss

on February 27, 2017

I do wonder why I was so worried about hot flushes, mood swings and nothing else when I got thrown into a Surgical Menopause.

I was created by someone with a sense of humour.  They gave me Scottish Skin and said “if the sun so much as appears between 2 clouds – you shall have sunburn”.  To go with this they decided to give me very thin, very fine hair.  I spent my teenage years and 20s with a ponytail which was more elastic band than pony tail . When I had my first child I discovered you can buy baby hair bands.  Sadly I still use them.

When I was pregnant with both my children, my hair became lovely and a lot thicker. Sadly shortly after having both my children, my hair fell out by the handful.  It was far worse with my first child and meant after both births,  I needed to have most of my hair cut off and a very short style to try and hide this. It did settle down after a few months. It’s hormone related and very common.  With my first child it was more noticeable around my ears, but with my second child it was from all over my head.

Since my menopause I’ve been losing so much hair that I dread washing and brushing it.  It started looking thin and pathetic.  It’s not as if it were great to start with.  It seems the same hormones which cause hair loss after pregnancy, do the same at menopause.  Thank you so much Mother Nature, but thank you for taking it from all over my head and not one area.

Because of my beautiful Scottish Skin, I now have to wear a cap or hat the whole time we are out in the sun. My hair got so thin, there was no protection from the sun so my scalp started getting sunburn.  Very painful and very difficult to put sun cream on your head.


In June this year it will be 3 years since my total hysterectomy.  About 2-3 months ago my visible hair loss slowed down.  I will always have thin hair, it’s a family trait, but it no longer looks quite as pathetic as it did.  It’s looking healthier again and beginning to return to how it was.

Hopefully this means around 3 years into an HRT Free Menopause, things are beginning to settle down for me.  The hot flushes are still there (for me not life changing thankfully)  but for now I’m considering my hair no longer jumping off my head a win.


One response to “Menopause and Hair Loss

  1. Shall I send you my See You Jimmy hat? 😉

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