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Low Sugar/Carb Update

on May 23, 2017

My last post was about an article I found regarding the connection in the body to stress, cortisol levels and blood sugar levels and the affect these have on you, particularly with the menopause and anxiety/depression.

Since writing it, I’ve seen a number of other articles or documentaries talking about the same reactions within the body.  These weren’t specifically about menopause, but they did connect anxiety/depression to food and sugar levels too.

I figured I’d do a quick update.  Since the article was written I’ve gone back on the Slimming World diet plan.  I do avoid “white carbs”, so pasta, bread, potato and rice.  I am not carb-free, I do eat lentils, bulgur wheat, wholemeal couscous, but I do moderate them.  I actually prefer these so for me it’s quite easy.  Since doing this, I’ve found it easier to avoid the sugar-cravings I was getting, which usually ended up with a very large “sharing” bag of chocolate for one (who shares chocolate?).  I have more energy and I’m sleeping better again.  This has not only led to me not being put back on anti-depressants again (yet), but has stabilised my mood swings and helped me lose weight too.  I am 37lb lighter than I was 18 months ago, the majority of that was lost last year not this year, but I am now only 10lb off my first goal.

I haven’t done this alone.  Support for me came from a friend with diabetes and a desire to control it with diet.  Using the 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet book, he is tackling his diabetes and getting on top of things.  A lot of the principles of this book are the same I’ve read or seen in recent documentaries and can also help people with menopause symptoms of anxiety/depression, and other conditions not helped by spikes in blood sugar levels.

I feel better and I’m determined to stay off the anti-depressants as long as I possibly can, but not wanting to kill everyone around me is quite a nice way to feel too, so I am still monitoring this closely.  For now though, I can honestly say I feel great.  Not falling asleep on the sofa every time I sit down and having the energy to get through the day is certainly helping and helping me stay away from the sharing bag of chocolates (OK, I used to eat 2 of them by myself).


Big Share Bag.  I just see them as a challenge rather than to be taken literally.


One response to “Low Sugar/Carb Update

  1. Glad you’re feeling great. Chocolate buttons: I think that qualifies as food porn! 🙂

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