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Hot Flushes? Air-Con Heaven

on June 21, 2017

The UK is in one of its unusual heat wave cycles.  The UK is an Island protected from extreme hot and cold by the Gulf Stream.  This is a Geological way of saying the weather is always mild, wet and boring.  This means we have central heating and no air-conditioning as standard in houses.

Although I have my hot flushes under control, when my average room temperature range becomes  28C to 32C, my hot flushes have some company.  By the time my room gets to that heat, my normal coping mechanism of removing layers doesn’t work, as I have no layers to start with.  I had a lovely tower fan which was great for blowing already hot air around the room, and my husband moaned at the warming food as I tried to climb into the fridge,  so last year we decided to replace an old stand-alone air-con unit I had with a new one.



My new tip for hot flushes?  Just stand in front of an air con unit for about 10 mins.  I love this unit, we live in a Townhouse and the entire top floor is our bedroom and bathroom, so it’s a big area and yet it can cool it down enough to make me comfortable.  I’m just spending all future heat-waves in front of my air-con now.

I just need to convince my husband we need this on all year round now.





One response to “Hot Flushes? Air-Con Heaven

  1. Your heating bill come the winter is going to be super-low… 🙂

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