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Losing Weight after Menopause

on June 26, 2017


When I was asking people why they took HRT, other than the hot flushes and night sweats, the next biggest reason was how difficult it is to lose weight after the menopause.  My neighbour successfully came off HRT and admitted she found it more difficult to lose weight, but did remain off HRT.

I gained a lot of weight after my hysterectomy and I hit my highest ever weight.  Looking back I really deserved this.  My recovery was slow and I ate anything I could get my hands on.  I was working 12 hours shifts, 2 days, 2 nights then 4 days off, and my nightshifts were a diet of curries, Chinese takeaways and kebabs, followed by whatever chocolate and crisps I could get from the vending machine.  I knew I had a problem so with one of the guys at work, we set up our own weigh-in club once a week.  Knowing I was far heavier than him should have rung alarm bells for me, but it didn’t.

I came off shift nearly 3 years ago, and instantly lost 1 stone (14lb) in weight by just not having the takeaways and the anti-social eating hours.  Following a family holiday in France, I saw a photo the children had taken of me and my husband.  We were both huge. How did that happen?


I had failed to lose weight on my own, and I don’t have time to fit in a diet club around work, so I joined Slimming World On Line.  Between January 2016 and June 2016 I lost 2 stone (28lb).  As I lost my battle with depression and anxiety, I gained 1 stone 3lb (17lb) of that back on between June 2016 and January 2017.  At the end of January 2017 I decided it’s time to battle this again.  Since then I’ve had my ups and downs after the initial 14lb was very easy to lose and since then my weight has stabilised, or worse, slightly increased.

blood sugar

My turning point came when a few things happened one after the other, starting with an article on stress, depression and how it impacts you during the menopause, along with foods to avoid.  This was immediately followed by a BBC TV documentary “The Truth About… Stress”, which said almost the same thing as the magazine article.  The third factor was a diabetic friend of mine trying to maintain his diabetes without the reliance on medication using the 8-week blood sugar diet.  This diet not only works on diabetics, it also works on the menopause (well for me it did).  I didn’t follow this initial diet (it starts off with 800 calories), instead my friend talked me through the diet and the food groups and it became clear a lot of it was similar to what I had already pieced together using the menopause article and the information from the documentary.  It was then applying what I had discovered worked and didn’t work for my body.  My mood and my ability to cope with stress is impacted by my blood sugar levels, once my levels raise I will binge on chocolate.  So avoiding “white” carbs works for me – no eliminating, just minimising. I don’t believe in eliminating anything, as I will fail if I think I can’t have something ever again.  So I limit pasta, bread, rice.  I don’t miss these as I do eat the foods lists in the diabetic healthy list, bulgur wheat, lentils, etc which luckily I love.

I lost a stone (14lb) and stabilised.  I was getting very despondent until I started a Food Journal. I write down everything I eat and drink and it was glaringly obvious I was going over on my Slimming World Syns, by a lot actually. I’m amazed I didn’t gain more weight.  I am now 2 weeks in with the Journal and have lost 3.5lb in the last 2 weeks.  I am now officially the lightest I have been for over 6 years.  My battle is by no means over, I have around 16lb-20lb more I’d like to lose before I try and maintain it.  I also know the importance of exercise and keeping active to go alongside a diet after the menopause.

So in my personal experience, the menopause has not made it more difficult for me to lose weight, I’ve managed to do that all by myself.  I have had to adapt what food I eat more off and now eat a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables, along with different pulses each day.  I don’t feel I’ve missed out at all and the difference I feel is incredible.  I am now nearly 3 stone (42lb) lighter than I was the year after my hysterectomy, that has to be good for me in the long run, as long as I can keep it off that is.

I would like to thank my friend David (Ginge in Germany – germanginge.wordpress.com) for his guidance and support for the last 8 weeks, and for helping me finally work out what I needed to do and helping me get there.




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  1. Glad to have been of service. I believe in sharing the knowledge.

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