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Bad Symptoms with Poor Holiday Diet

on September 6, 2017


Anyone who has read my blogs is aware I’ve discovered my HRT-Free Menopause Symptoms can be controlled, in the main, by diet.  I’ve worked out over the past few years my body doesn’t agree with bad carbs or high sugar.

So off we went on a holiday to Spain for 2 weeks.  I took my diet book with me to record everything I ate.  I bought German Porridge flakes and fruit from the supermarket with every good intention of sticking to my plan.  I did last nearly 4 days before I just tucked into the most delicious Spanish hams, cheeses and breads along with everyone else.  I have a love of calamari and tapas in general.  Seafood Paella is just so good.  Why does Europe have so many Waffle, Crepe and Ice Cream stalls everywhere you go?  My bad-carb and sugar intake went through the roof.

I didn’t have a decent night sleep in the whole 2 weeks.  I’m normally disturbed a lot at night anyway, mainly stress induced due to work, but this was night sweats (we had the aircon on all night too), frequent waking and general restlessness each night.  I knew what was causing it but decided I would have my 2 weeks off and enjoy tapas and cheese.  I love cheese.

We ate 3 meals a day, very rarely picked in between, did a lot of walking and even more swimming.  Somehow, despite coming off my Slimming World Plan, I managed to lose 4lb.   I got straight back on plan when we came home and by day 2 the migraines started, along with a bad stomach.  I think it was just my body clearing out and getting back to what it is used to.  It has all settled down now and I am sleeping better again.

What I hope this will teach me, and remind me when I read this blog back, is my diet is key to me coping without HRT.   I follow the Slimming World rules, so have my diary, fibre, lots of free fruit and veg, low fat meat and my Syns so I don’t miss out on chocolate, butter, cream and all the nice things I enjoy.  I do follow a low carb version of the diet.  I do eat rice and porridge, but I avoid bread and white pasta.  For me this works and I’ve now lost 46lbs and have managed my menopause symptoms HRT free.  I still have maybe up to another 14lb to lose. My problem is keeping weight off though. I lose it, gain more, lose it, gain even more. I’m no different to about 80%+ of all other dieters.  I am hoping this time the knowledge my diet impacts my menopause symptoms though gives me the determination I need to keep my weight off for one year and then it becomes second nature.

I can still have cheese, I just need to weigh and count it as part of my plan.

spanish Cheese

So back to Slimming World, back to no white carbs and hopefully back to sleeping again and being able to manage the symptoms.  The holiday did remind me how awful the menopause can be though.


5 responses to “Bad Symptoms with Poor Holiday Diet

  1. That was interesting and informative. Glad you got a chance to go to Spain. What city (cities) did you visit? I’ve only been to Barcelona. I can only imagine how hard it was to *try* to stick to a diet regime while on vacation!

    • mhairi1308 says:

      I do struggle in Europe. I just love food and the Europeans have so many delicious breads, cheeses, hams and dishes. I’m in France next year which is even worse!

      We stayed near Torrevieja this year, it’s about an hour south of Alicante on the Costa Brava coast. It was really beautiful and very hot, which people from the UK like when they go on holiday. We generally don’t see much sun most of the year :-). We headed up to a place outside Benidorm to visit waterfalls in the mountains up there.

      I’ve been to Barcelona a couple of times, it’s just a lovely area and an amazing place to visit. I could just keep going back there as I love the architecture and the different areas of Barcelona. We used to stay an a lovely Spanish resort about a hour south of Barcelona. I seem to like an hour south of big cities. My next challenge is Iceland. We fly there in just over 5 weeks time.

  2. This is really interesting. Some people have suggested that sugar is added to food and acts like almost like a drug.

    Nothing massively wrong with cheese. It’s fat and protein, but not white carbs. It sounds like you went through cold turkey when you came back. Hence the headaches?

    I guess it would be interesting to see what would happen to a non-menopausal woman if she went low-carb and cut down radically on sugar.

    And well done on 46lb off. That’s a lot of bags of sugar!

    • mhairi1308 says:

      If I’m totally honest with myself, I had this problem before the surgical menopause. I’ve always had an issue with sugar and it has been an addiction for me most of my life. The eye-opener for me started with you and the diabetic diet, which was then followed by a couple of TV documentaries on sugar and stress.

      Cheese I keep in my diet. It’s the one thing I can never cut out. I love it so much. I do have to limit it though, as my body seems to have no limit to how much cheese it can eat in one go.

      The headaches must have been cold-turkey. It’s taken around 4 days for my body to re-adjust after the holiday.

      • Maybe some people are sugar-sensitive like some people are gluten-sensitive.

        I’m glad to have been a catalyst for you.

        Cheese. I love it. For me a good Stilton should stink like a postman’s sock. 🙂

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