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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

on November 6, 2017


Why do we still have British Summer Time?  Why can’t we just stay on one time zone the whole year?  I like GMT and having to move to GMT+1 and back again plays havoc with my system. I’m now a grumpy middle-aged woman you know!

The clocks went back.  This means an extra hour in bed to most, but to those of us with sleeping issues, this means just an extra hour to feel exhausted.  It’s the start of the UK being plunged into ever increasing darkness, as the days now shorten rapidly until we get to sunrise after 8am and sunset before 4pm.  I have a Vitamin D deficiency anyway, so do take tablets to help, and I really thought Scottish skin was genetically engineered to absorb every ray of sunshine it can possibly get, seeing as it’s so white it glows in the dark and is designed to live in a dark, rainy country.

Along with a lot of Scandinavians, Icelandic, Scottish and other Northern Hemisphere people, I’m entering the Winter Blues Phase of the year.  As a menopausal middle-aged woman, this increases my mood-swings.  I have been told I am not the pure ray of sunshine I think I am most of the year!  I use Vitamin D along with a Light Lamp to get me through the next few months, after around March time I do come out the other end.  The one thing I have missed this year though is watching my diet.  In the past 2 weeks I have been craving bad carbs.  I spent the weekend eating hot white toast covered in butter, followed by chocolate (if the pack says “Perfect for Sharing”, it’s lying).   Thankfully a friend of mine shared a link with me to a UK TV Daytime show where they were discussing SAD.  As I was wondering why I was feeling worse than usual, watching the article reminded me of the things I write about in my blog, about my symptoms and diet and how they seem closely related.

So goodbye delicious hot toast with melted butter.  Farewell Tuna Pizza.  Au Revoir Family Packs of Chocolate (really made for one) and Auf Wiedersehen comfort food covering with mashed potato and cheese.  Thankfully I am Scottish and I got the Soup Making Gene, so in theory I can get through this period with minimal damage to those around me with the assistance of the Northern Hemishphere’s favourite comfort food.  Thanks Ginge in Germany for the reminder.



2 responses to “Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

  1. Ginge in Germany tries to give good advice… Get that SAD light out and top up with zillions of lux ever evening.


  2. Oi! Time to start drafting your next article! 😉

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