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I am a 47-year-old mother of two who is about to have a total hysterectomy and meet the menopause at 100mph.

My Mother was diagnosed with HRT related breast cancer at the age of 55.  She started the menopause early and was put on HRT back in the 1980s, she had been on HRT for nearly 13 years when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After a lot of research on the benefits of HRT for the under 50s and the risks of the over 50s, as I am so close to 50 already I have made the decision to do this as naturally as possible.

I have not yet started any changes, so I have no idea what lies ahead for me.  I do have friends that are knowingly taking HRT despite various health risks.  One friend is facing heart surgery and is fighting with her medical team to not be taken off HRT.  The wife of a work colleague has been in hospital with severe bleeding and polyps and has fought to be put back on HRT.   A female colleague at work has just been taken off HRT due to her age.   She  is struggling very badly with the menopausal symptoms and this made me realise that all HRT is doing, is delaying the inevitable.  At some point everyone has to stop taking it.  At some point we have to face this.

Towards the end of my Mother’s battle with cancer, I asked her if she had regretted her choice.  She said that knowing what she knows now, she would make exactly the same choice again.  HRT gave her back her life.

Everyone’s experience of the menopause is different, some don’t even notice it, others, like my Mother and various friends, seem to go through a complete nightmare.  I have the advantage of knowing that my menopause will start on the 10th June 2014, so I have decided to keep a diary of it.  This is to help me see the good days and the bad days, to document any severe changes that I may not notice depending on what happens to me, and also to try and help anyone else out there who is close to 50 and trying to decide how they want to go through it.


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  1. You’re doing a great job, Mhairi. 🙂

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